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Frequently ASked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform will you transfer my site to?

We migrate LightCMS sites to WordPress, the leading Content Management System on the internet. WordPress is home to major brands like CNN, UPS, Spotify, and Time. It’s easy to use, includes lots of features.

What will my new site look like?

We will match your new site’s look as closely as possible, although there may some slight variations. If you want a whole new look, chose our Fresh Start package and we’ll work with you to create a beautiful new website.

Will you migrate all of my content to the new site?

Our Transfer package includes up to 10 pages of content migration; and our Fresh Start package is includes a brand new, fresh design for your website and migration of content for up to 10 pages. We realize that websites are not all the same size, so we offer custom packages built around your specific needs.

Will my site work the same as before?

Yes. We will use the same navigation and functionality that your current site has. Your visitors will be able to use your site in the same way they always have. You will still have the ability to make changes and edits yourself in an easy-to-use interface.

Will people still be able to find my site using search engines like Google?

Yes. We will keep your Search Engine Optimization features so that visitors can easily find you.

Do you have experience migrating sites to WordPress?

Yes! We have migrated 30+ of our clients’ websites to WordPress. We know all of the ins and outs and can bring our expertise to your project.

Do you offer support after my site is transferred?

Of course! Updated content on your website is the number one thing search engines looks for when ranking your website – you can’t afford to be out of date! Our popular Upkeep & Refresh package helps you stay current with website updates, monthly check-ins, quarterly analytics reports, and listing maintence. Contact us for more details.

How long will my project take?

That depends on the size of your website and which package you choose. However, most projects take 4-8 weeks, depending on how many other projects we have going on.

What is the cost?

We offer three packages, and each can be customized. Prices for 10 pages range from $1695 to $3650 for a full redesign with the Fresh Start package. Both the Transfer and Fresh Start packages include the migration of up to 10 pages of content. See the pricing and package information on our home page for more details.

What about hosting?

We provide hosting, backups, and plugin subscriptions for $39/month. If you choose to host and update your website yourself, we will package the site with All-In-One-WP migration and deliver it to you; and you will be responsible for backups and plugin subscription costs.

Do you have more questions?

Send us an email, or fill out the form, and we will set up a time for a free consultation. 

We understand that websites can be scary – no questions are stupid when you talk to us!